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    Log Lake County Park
    Logmark Rest Stop Campground
    Lola Valley County Park
    Londo Lake
    Long Lake Iosco County, Plainfield Township
    Long Lake Cheboygan County, Aloha Township
    Long Lake Oakland County, Commerce Township, White Lake Township
    Long Lake Cass County, St. Joseph County, Fabius Township, Newberg Township
    Long Lake Clare County, Frost Township
    Long Lake Barry County, Yankee Springs Township
    Long Lake Kalkaska County, Springfield Township
    Long Lake Mason County, Branch Township
    Long Lake Iron County, Crystal Falls Township
    Long Lake St. Joseph County, Colon Township
    Long Lake Lapeer County, Arcadia Township, Mayfield Township
    Long Lake Barry County, Hope Township
    Long Lake Barry County, Johnstown Township
    Long Lake Hillsdale County, Reading Township
    Long Lake Ionia County, Orleans Township
    Long Lake Grand Traverse County, Green Lake Township, Long Lake Township
    Long Lake Alpena County, Presque Isle County, Alpena Township, Krakow Township, Presque Isle Township
    Long Lake Missaukee County, Caldwell Township
    Long Lake Ogemaw County, Mills Township, Richland Township
    Long Lake Montmorency County, Hillman Township, Montmorency Township
    Long Lake Benzie County, Lake Township
    Long Lake Kalamazoo County, Pavilion Township
    Long Lake Kent County, Solon Township
    Long Lake Wexford County, Haring Township
    Long Lake Gogebic County, Watersmeet Township
    Long Lake County Park Kent County, Solon Township
    Long Lake County Park Alpena County, Alpena Township
    Long Lake (Missaukee) State Forest Campground
    Long Lake (Wexford) State Forest Campground
    Long Nature Township Park
    Long Rapids Township Park (M-65)
    Longyear Forest Tract
    Looking Glass River
    Looking Glass Riverfront Township Park
    Looking Glass Valley Township Park
    Loomis Staging Area Roadside Park
    Loon Lake Montcalm County, Crystal Township, Evergreen Township
    Loon Lake Oscoda County, Big Creek Township
    Loon Lake Branch County, Algansee Township, Ovid Township
    Loon Lake Iosco County, Plainfield Township
    Loon Lake Oakland County, Waterford Township
    Loon Lake Benzie County, Lake Township
    Loon Lake Roadside Park
    Loon Lake Nature Township Park
    Loon Nursery Preserve
    Losensky City Park
    Lossie Road Nature Trail
    Lost (Spirit) Lake Township Park
    Lost Lake Presque Isle County, Bismarck Township
    Lost Lake Oakland County, Oakland Township
    Lost Lake Nature Township Park
    Lost Lake Nature Preserve
    Lost Lake Nature Sanctuary
    Lost Lake Pathway
    Lost Tamarack Pathway
    Lost Twin Lakes Pathway
    Lotus / Maceday Lakes
    Loud Creek Trail
    Loud Dam Pond
    Louise Kenny Village Park
    Love Creek Natural Area
    Lower Crooked Lake
    Lower Dam Lake
    Lower Evans Lake
    Lower Herring Lake
    Lower Huron Metropark
    Lower Jeptha Lake
    Lower Pettibone Lake
    Lower Rouge Trail
    Lower Scott Lake
    Lower Silver River Falls
    Lower Trout Lake
    Luce County Park
    Ludington State Park
    Ludington City Park
    Ludington North Breakwater Lighthouse
    Ludington Rest Area (North US-31)
    Ludington School Forest
    Lumberjack Meadows Disc Golf Course
    Lumberman's Village Park
    Lumberman's Monument Roadside Park
    Luna Pier (Evans Pier) City Park
    Luneack Nature Sanctuary
    Luton County Park
    Lutz County Park
    Luzerne Township Park
    Luzerne Trail Campground
    Lyman Lake
    Lyon Oaks County Park
    L’Anse Township Park
    M-6 Trail
    MLK Equality Trail (Jackson Intercity Trail)
    Maas Family Nature Preserve
    Maasto Hiihto Trail
    MacCready Reserve
    MacKenzie Cross-Country and Mountain Bike Trail
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