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Calvin College Ecosystem Preserve

Lat, Lon: 42.93236, -85.58445
Map:Calvin College Ecosystem Preserve
Owner:Calvin College
Address:1750 East Beltline Ave SE Grand Rapids MI 49546
Notes:Bunker Interpretive Center, Butterfly House (June to September)
Size:90 Acres
Avg Temp:(May) 47 F° → 69 F°


Entrance Lat, Lon: 42.93236, -85.58445
Parking Lot Lat, Lon: 42.93272, -85.58398
Restroom Lat, Lon: 42.93187, -85.58249
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Boundary Water Trail Other Water Other Trail

Calvin College Glacial Pond

Calvin College Preserve Boardwalk

Calvin College Whiskey Pond

Calvin College Mushroom (Polyporus squamosus)