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Parks2,062 sq mi (5,340 sq km)
Nature areas286 sq mi (741 sq km)
Lakes (inland)922 sq mi (2,387 sq km)
Water trails257 miles (414 kilometers)
Nature trails4,085 miles (6,574 kilometers)
Other trails6,454 miles (10,386 kilometers)
Bike trails1,271 miles (2,045 kilometers)
Cross-country ski trails2,843 miles (4,576 kilometers)
Equestrian trails1,531 miles (2,464 kilometers)
Hiking trails10,039 miles (16,156 kilometers)
Mountain bike trails2,106 miles (3,389 kilometers)
Boat Launches
Carry in643
Gravel surface, medium watercraft382
Hard surface, medium watercraft819
Unknown surface, medium watercraft92
Hard surface, large watercraft238