How To Use This Site

  1. On the Home screen, select a Geographic Region or Political Entity. The Geographic Region map or the County map can be used to select one. If the map is not visible, click the icon.
  2. Then select an Activity or Feature Type in the left column.
  3. On the map, click on a feature name to open its description in a new window/tab. Click on a
    to zoom in on features that are close together.
  4. Webcams

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GPX file?

A GPX file is a standard file format for exchanging GPS data: waypoints, routes and tracks. It can be loaded into a GPS or navigation device.

What is a Recreation Passport?

A Recreation Passport provides motorized vehicle access to state parks, state recreation areas, state forest campgrounds, and state non-motorized trail heads. It also is used for DNR boat launches that have a fee. For State of Michigan residents, it can be purchased when a license plate is renewed. For out-of-state residents, it can be purchased on-site. Campsites require an additional per-night fee. Non-motorized entry does not require a passport.

Why are directions to an address incorrect?

The various mapping services may only have the location for a range of addresses, ex. 1400-1500 Some Street.
When using a link to get directions, the actual coordinates (latitude, longitude) of the feature are used, providing more accurate directions.

How are distances between features calculated?

Distances between features along a river or trail are calculated using the actual path of the river or trail.

Near Here distances are straight line as the crow flies.


BeachBikingADA kayak launchRegion or county map
Beach HouseCanoeingCarry in External website
Boat LaunchCross-country SkiingGravel surface, medium watercraftGet directions
CabinDisc GolfHard surface, medium watercraftZoom in on one feature
CampgroundFishingUnknown surface, medium watercraft
Zoom in on multiple features
DamHikingHard surface, large watercraftFish Stocked
EntranceHorseback RidingPortage leftGPX File
ForestHuntingPortage rightKML File
HazardMountain BikingFeePDF File
LighthouseSnowmobilingRecreation Passport
Nature Area    
Nature Center    
Parking Lot    
Picnic Area    
Picnic Shelter    
Scenic Site    
Water Course    
Water Trail